How to select the hose best fitting my application?

Flexible tubing is used in industry in a very wide range of applications. Therefore, the numver of questions to be answered and the intricateness at their selection are much defferetiated. The right choice means selecting that hose, which complies with the technical specifications for the particular system or device, assuring safe and failure-free operation.

It is at the same time a choice of the price and quality proper for the envisaged application. Such a selection should be done by persons having adequate knowledge about the product and the system in which it is to be used.


Information necessary for correct selection of the hose

- medium (substance which will flow throught the hose)
- inside diameter
- maximum operating pressure
- temperature (inside and outside)
- all factors which could influence the operation and service life of the line
(such as vibrations, distortions of the hose during operation, possible external damage, etc.).

Our Foreign Trade Office will be glad to provide all necessary information.

A right choice is possible only being in possession of sufficient information on the operating conditions of the hose. We suggest sending us such information as an inquiry.



During montage process, it should be noted that edges of the edns, which are in contact with hoses, cannot be sharp. It is very important because of the risk of inside layer being cut (this applies clamping rings, bands and clamps). For the wire installation (hose with an end) do not use fitting typically intended for hydraulic hoses.

Suction-delivery hoses produced in sections, generally have at their end so-called flanges (sections without inner helix) that eases installation process. In those hoses it is important that stub pipe should overlap (at least 1 cm) the spiral part of hose.